Interdepartmental Working Group meeting

On May 14, an Interdepartmental Working Group meeting was held to ensure the functioning of the National Contact Point for facilitating the provision of recommendations (guidelines) for multinational enterprises within the framework of the Declaration of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) on international investment and multinational enterprises (hereinafter – the Interdepartmental working group) in its updated composition. During the meeting:

  • The awareness of new members of the interdepartmental working group with the activities of the National Contact Point (NCP) and the interdepartmental working group took place, a report on the activities of the NCP 2017-2018 was presented;
  • An overview of procedural documents and discussion of suggestions and comments provided by OECD Watch representatives to the Procedure for reviewing complaints regarding the violation of the OECD Guidelines for multinational enterprises;
  • The 3rd Forum of Responsible Business in Ukraine, as well as organization of events to promote the OECD Guidelines and the activities of the NCP were discussed.

According to the results of the meeting, there were decided:

  • to investigate the OECD Watch’s proposals and remarks to the procedural documents and to review the revised documents at the next meeting;
  • to decide the issues of the possibility of conducting joint actions with the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine in June-July on promotion of departmental guidelines for business representatives and provision of premises for holding the 3rd Forum of Responsible Business in Ukraine in the first half of October;
  • to disseminate information about the OECD Guidelines and engage NCP to participate in such events in their activities and during any presentation events.