Anyone can file a complaint to the National Contact Point. The NCP will accept the complaint for consideration, if the number of requirements is met.

To file a complaint, please fill in the relevant sections in the form at the bottom of the page.

The form consists of two parts:

  • In the first part, you need to submit information that is required to process the complaint
  • The second part contains sections with additional information for more effective consideration of your complaint. Please note that submission of information in the second part is optional.

Requirements for filing a complaint:

  • a complaint should relate to the topics of OECD Guidelines (but it should not indicate which principle has been violated)
  • should be submitted online
  • a complaint cannot be anonymous
  • the incident described in the complaint should occur over the past five years
  • a complaint should contain the description of what has happened and the role of the company in such incident, and it should be supported with specific documentation. Articles in the media are not documentation, but are a part of it.

СA complaint will be considered, if it is related the OECD Guidelines.

A person or a company complained about will be informed of your complaint when the NCP accepts the complaint for further consideration. The agreement between the applicant and those complained about does not prevent the NCP from considering the complaint.

  • About an Applicant (mandatory information)

  • About the company responsible for the incident (mandatory information)

  • Do you complain on behalf of others? (mandatory information)

  • The complaint should be confirmed by the facts. This means that the complaint should contain the description of what happened and the role of the company in this incident. Based on the description of the NCP, it will be decided whether the complaint complies with the OECD Guidelines. Please describe as precisely as possible and in detail what has happened. Describe the practice you consider to be a criminal offense and the company's role in it, including information on where and when the violation occurred. If necessary, provide links for attachments.
  • Drop files here or
    The complaint should be supported with the relevant documentation. It should be as specific and as clear as possible. Articles in the media are not documentation, but are a part of it. Please, attach documentation, reports, evidences and other types of information that support the complaint and attach them to the files.
  • Part 2: Additional information (submission of information in the second part is not a mandatory requirement, but it will help to more effectively handle your complaint)

  • What is your interest in the case? What is especially important for you?
  • Anyone can file a complaint with no need to be interested in it. Do you have any interest in the case? How would you describe the authority of your organization to represent the offended in this incident?
  • What provisions of the OECD Guidelines, in your opinion, have been violated? What do you want to receive as a result of filing a complaint? Indicate other information relevant to the case. Have you tried to solve this problem on other sites? If so, describe where and how. Give the description of any measures that were taken before filing a complaint with the NCP. Attach any documents.
  • Did you communicate to the company you are complaining about? If so: describe what happened and what the results were. If available, please provide some relevant documentation.